We are the children of nature


The continuous project ‘We are the children of nature’ has been implemented by the project applicant – the public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’. In the final stage - the third stage of the project the students of the ‘Panemunes’ primary school, ‘Vilijampolės’ day and crisis center, ‘Uzuoveja’ day center participated in educational activities, where they met an ornithologist. The little participants were introduced to many of bird species found in Lithuania, were told about the threats to birds in urban territories, it was explained where the nesting-boxes and the bird feeders should be, how to feed birds, how often the feeders should be filled with seeds. The pre-school kids and the pupils of primary schools eagerly participated in the organized activities, attentively listened and actively asked questions, for example: what are the colors of birds, how do birds find feeders, what distance is good for observing birds, when do they come to feed, and more.

After meeting the ornithologist, the kids rushed towards the big feeders , which were made, built and installed by the JSC ‘SDG constructions’ in the territories of the project participants. Now the kids have the opportunity to watch the incoming birds, feed them, know their way of living. The project has gained an enduring value not only in the memory of children, as the big feeders will bring joy to the kids and teach them environmental awareness for many years.

During the events, the children experienced the joy of knowledge and discovery, got to know more about the surrounding environmental phenomena, birds and the nature itself. The project was funded by the program ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ of the Administrative Division of the Kaunas city.

The public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’, acting as an applicant of this project, together with the project partner JSC ‘SDG group’ has been carrying out a continuous (since 2013) project of the environmental education field called ‘We are the children of nature’. This project is created for the children of the pre-school educational groups of the Kaunas city and the pupils of 1st – 5th grades of Kaunas city schools. By this project, the kids are encouraged to know the nature better, to treasure it, gain experience, interest the kids in educational activities in the surroundings of nature in the city.

From the end of April to the beginning of May in 2017 the organizers of the project, carrying  nesting-boxes, visited four of the Kaunas city kindergartens and met the pupils of the pre-school groups in them. During the meetings, the kids got to know the birds living in the nesting-boxes in spring and the beginning of summer, recognized birds from photos, played the traditional folk game for children ‘Skrido zvirblis’ (en. ‘A sparrow flew’). Two nesting-boxes were loaded into every tree growing in the territory of the kindergarten, where we hope starlings live. The children will watch the inhabitants of the nesting-boxes and this way they will learn more about the live nature surrounding humans.

The project is funded by the program ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ of the Administrative Division of the Kaunas city.


Not afraid of the rain, on a windy October Friday the employees of four Kaunas companies visited the landfill of Lapes. This environmental sightseeing tour – one of a few activities planned in the continuous project ‘We are the children of nature’ implemented by the public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’, by working on the purpose of this project – to continue introducing the children living in risky families in Kaunas city, and the adults to the importance of environmental safety in the modern world.

During the tour, a delegation of 60 people from the JSD ‘SDG kodas’, JSC ‘SDG Motors’, JSC ‘SDG Akademija’ and JSC ‘Sistemų registras’, was met by the representative of the public enterprise ‘Kaunas region waste handling center’ Sonata Štabokienė, who thoroughly told about the exploitation of landfill, introduced to its history and the changes after renovation. The employees had an opportunity to have a close look at the exploited landfill live, make sure how the non-recycled waste damages our landscape, destroys live nature fields.