We are a Public Enterprise ‘Saugi pradžia’. Our purpose – to encourage, cultivate patriotism, the moral values of citizenship, increase the tolerance of society and encourage self-expression, entrepreneurship, participation in activities, to provide social and cultural and other services, to develop the good values in various groups of people, to collaborate and share the good experiences and innovative decisions.

We are welcoming and open, believe in the bright future of the NGO sector in Lithuania.

We offer our services for a very affordable price to the non-governmental organizations (and not just them), that might need support in one or another area. This might be:

  • Support and consulting on preparation of various projects, completion of applications, generating ideas, searching for project partners, etc.;
  • Seminars, training, activity programs of your chosen topic;
  • Support with event planning or organizing, conferences, workshops, seminars, quizzes and other similar activities;
  • Preparation of informal education programs, their implementation, support with similar programs of this type;
  • Publishing, layout design;
  • Educational excursions, professional orientation events, hikes or consultations on such events organizing;
  • Support and consulting on legal matters;
  • Photography, video montage, video projects, film concept, video advertising creation, video production creation, video files conversion;
  • Written and spoken translation to English, Russian languages. We legally confirm the translations;
  • Consulting and support on public communication matters;
  • And other services that could provide additional information or simply give you a friendly helping hand of another non-governmental institution.

 Please contact us for more accurate information regarding our services: Mobile phone no.  Erika +370 685 47680