Sit less, move more!

From the September of this year the public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’ begins to implement the community health improvement project ‘Sit less, move more!’, made for the staff of the companies and (or) institutions working in the Kaunas city, where the employees spend most of the time sitting. The project is funded by the program ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ of the Administrative Division of the Kaunas city. During this project, it will be aimed to get the attention of the working people towards their own health, encourage physical activity of employees, reduce the lifestyle where sitting dominates at the companies of the Kaunas city.

The program of sitting lifestyle reduction will start with an introductory event, which aims to motivate and encourage the employees to change their habits, give them specialized knowledge, introduce them to the benefits of pedometers.

In the next stage a professional trainer will carry out an individual testing of employees’ body stability in statics (evaluation of posture) and movements (how separate body parts behave). This testing performed individually for each employee will show, which ones of the muscles are hypertonic (tense) and which ones are hypotonic (too relaxed, not having strength). According to the results, the employees will get a personalized target body balance correction program. The cycle of this program – 5 weeks for 3 groups of employees, of 100 employees.

During the program, the company employees will receive information and advice motivating to move more, to finish a task. The tasks will encourage movement, team work, cooperation and creativity.

The program will be ended by the final event, during which a professional trainer will evaluate the achieved results and encourage the participants of the project to continue the individually made program. The feedback and moments of the program will be shared.

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