Volunteering inspires

‘Saugi pradzia’ acting as the applicant of project together with the partner JSC ‘SDG group’ in the beginning of May in 2017 started to carry out the non-governmental organizations’ project ‘Volunteering inspires’ enabling community areas of a city.

The targeted part of community – students in the city of Kaunas, companies’ employees chosen in order to involve a larger number of them in the activity, this way providing them with an opportunity to volunteer at the kids day center ‘Uzuoveja’ of the Kaunas district.

During the first stage of the project, the organizers presented the idea of volunteering, its beneficial traits for the community and volunteers. The guests from one of the largest free of charge support lines working by phone in Lithuania and online Youth line service as well as the kids’ day center of Kaunas branch of the Lithuanian Samaritan Community, and during the meetings of the volunteers of these organizations at the public enterprise ‘Kaunas college’ and the ‘SDG company group’ the participants received some necessary detailed information regarding the volunteering activity and got some examples of good practices. The students of various study programs as well as employees of companies actively and bravely presented their opinion, asked the guests about volunteering both in Lithuania and Europe, and about the organizations accepting volunteers.

Therefore, at this moment a team of volunteers is being gathered for the ‘volunteering days’ organized at the Kaunas district kids’ day center ‘Uzuoveja’. During the volunteering days the works of environment improvement will be carried out at the day center.

The project is funded by the program ‘Initiatives for Kaunas’ of the Administrative Division of the Kaunas city.