Children’s Christmas wishes


About the project

The non-profit organization ‘Saugi pradzia’ has been implementing the annual social project ‘Children’s Christmas wishes’ for nine years already. This is a project, during which the dreams of children living in foster care are fulfilled, and they are encouraged to reach their defined goals, independent, creative thinking is promoted and it is emphasized that the most important thing is to make an effort yourself to make your dreams come true.

During the project the children from foster care and day centers draw, glue, paint and in many other ways create postcards for Christmas full of warmth that reaches everyone. On the other side of such postcard the name, age and the social institution is written.

For every postcard made, the kids get paid. They can add this sum of money to their savings for their dream.

Every year the postcards authors’ dreams are registered on the website , which is available for everyone willing to make them come true before and after Christmas. ‘The kids have been waiting for this project and want to participate in it. Thank you for this beautiful idea’ – says the art leader of the extra-curricular activities at the ‘Lentvaris’ kids foster home.  

Every year this project involves foster homes, day centers, support centers, kids social services’ centers from all Lithuania. Every year more and more of social organizations join this project.

How to join this project?

Choose the most suitable option for you:

  • Handmade postcards
  • Handmade postcards with Your company logo
  • Handmade postcards with inset*
  • Handmade postcards with inset* and Your company logo
  • Handmade postcards with envelope
  • Handmade postcards with envelope and Your company logo
  • Handmade postcards with inset* and envelope
  • Handmade postcards with inset*, envelope and Your company logo
  • Printed postcards with a chosen drawing
  • E-postcard with a chosen drawing
  • Calendars with kids’ drawings
  • Workshops with children from foster homes (for making postcards, decorations, envelopes, toys, etc.)
  • Workshops with employees’ children (for making postcards, decorations, envelopes, toys, etc.)
  • Decorating a Christmas tree with Christmas decorations made by children
  • Design and making of envelopes
  • The full set of services – from making the postcards to posting them

*An inset – this is your text of greetings, which is printed on lime paper and inserted inside a postcard.

How to make the Children’s wishes come true?

You can find and make the wishes come true here or by pressing the Christmas house of your choice bellow. Then you can add to the wishes basket more than one dream if you like, and, after confirming the fulfilment of a dream, enter the requested information. Please do not forget to choose, whether you would like to deliver the dream yourself, of prefer our assistance with it.

Additional activities

The organizers of the social project ‘Children’s Christmas wishes’ – are very similar to the Santa’s elves: they do not stop at the Christmas postcards, and during all the year of the project carry out many various different additional activities: a surprise visit of Santa, dance lessons or a lecture with successful businessmen about achieving goals at foster homes, selling postcards and handicraft at Christmas fairs.

Some companies prefer to get postcards made by a specific foster home, to be able to give to the participating kids later on by fulfilling their dreams. Other companies donate their own production, which ‘Saugi pradzia’ delivers to foster home with great joy. Many years privately interested persons also demonstrate great initiative to fulfil the dreams of postcards’ authors.

Please join the project too – this way you can make a nice surprise for your loved ones by giving warm wishes crafted by the hands of children, and contribute to the lessons about reaching goals as well as helping to fulfill the dreams!