Hear it, feel it, realize it

The public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia‘ together with the ‘SDG Akademija‘ – driving school have been implementing the project ‘Hear it, feel it, realize it‘, created for the prevention of addictive substances causing diseases among young people. We are sharing the moments from one of the project events. The senior students of Kaunas ‘Rasa‘ gymnasium met the project organizers and their partners. The performer Nijole Pareigyte Rukaitiene, who gladly joined the project, shared her personal experience  told about her own life, first introduction to alcohol, being involved and actively participating in parties and obvious changes in quality of life after refusing such lifestyle. Nijole easily and playfully connected to the students. Some of them even agreed to share their own experience with the participants of this event.  The representative of the Kaunas district VPK Rasita Henriot reminded the importance of being sober while participating in traffic, no matter if you are a driver or a pedestrian. In the event the organizers presented the „drunkenness glasses“ that cause 2.5 promiles of dizziness. Wearing these glasses, the children performed various tasks and had an opportunity to feel how human behaviour is affected by the dizziness caused by alcohol. The children had to walk a straight line, throw a ball into a basket and go around obstacles in a „snake shape“. Lots of laughter sounded as the tasks were not easy, but this led to understanding about how a human being feels when performing certain tasks under the influence of factors causing dizziness.