Other projects and social initiatives

  • ‘Learning to be safe’, aiming to encourage the safety of schoolkids of 1st – 4th grades when on streets, at home and at school by organizing various events, this way contributing to the reduction of accidents and saving the health of kids and youth, while carrying out the prevention of traumas.
  • ‘Careful with fire’ (the year of 2012), during which in all schools of Kaunas district, lessons about fire causes and fire prevention took place. A competition of drawings was organized and a calendar was released.
  • ‘Unforgettable summer’, during which the kids together with accompanying persons from the ‘Paparciu sv. Juozapo’ foster home for children and kids’ day centers in Kaisiadorys and Ziezmariai visited Kaunas companies. The children were introduced to some certain specialties, the works performed in workplaces. The project ‘Unforgettable summer’ was funded by the Administrative Division of the Kaisiadorys district, also supported by services or catering by sponsors of this project: AB „Kauno grūdai“, UAB „Kauno švara“, UAB „Gerovė“, UAB „Premier restaurants“.
  • ‘Healthy and active pupil’, which aims to encourage healthy lifestyle of pupils and strengthen health, by increasing motivation for physical activity and healthy eating through educational events.
  • ‘We are the children of nature’ – while carrying out this continuous project initiated by the public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’ on the 12th of June in 2015 an event organized to save the environment took place, where people worked together to clean up the territory of nature. In this event the kids from the Petrasiunai kids day center, the kids from the Vilijampole kids day and crisis center and the ‘Uzuoveja’ kids day center of the Kaunas branch of Lithuanian Samaritan society. During this event the territory of forest from the Masiulio st. 15 to the coast of the Kaunas Reservoir was  cleaned by collecting the trash. This work was lead by the employees of the JSC ‘SDG’.
  • ‘On the way to the dream profession’, the purpose of which – professional guidance for school students. From May to November of 2014 professional guidance was organized in a creative and innovative way by involving students in activities, using non-traditional methods, involving the students from general schools. It is aimed to reveal their talents, help them understand better the future prospects of professions and encourage them to try out themselves in various professional directions, this way increasing the awareness of professional choice. In this professional guidance project the activities are delivered in a playful way, while using various methods – discussions, trivia of certain topics.
  • ‘The 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way’ – this route repeated the legendary Baltic Way of the 1989 year. It was honored on the 23rd day of August. The trip by cars took place on the Baltic Way road, while visiting the memorable monuments on the way. Honoring the 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way, the public enterprise ‘Saugi pradzia’ together with other SDG group companies, participated in exceptional events in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and mentioned this important date in all these three countries. In the early morning of the Saturday, an enthusiastic team of people gathered in the Vilnius Cathedral Square, where once the first chords of the song ‘Bunda jau Baltija’ sounded, a united dance was started as the social initiative for the project ‘The 25th anniversary of the Baltic Way’.
  • In 2012 we provided financial support for 1 year old Emanuelis, who needed 88 000 Lt sum of money for a surgery of both ears – cochlear implantation, and in 2011 we provided support and found sponsors for the 7 year old Aras, who needed 16 000 Lt sum of money for a hearing processor.