Stay safe at work

The project ‘Stay safe at work’ is has been created to mention the World Day for Safety and Health at work on the 28th of April. This social initiative has been started by the JSC ‘SDG’ in 2007, and from the non-profit organisation ‘Saugi pradzia’ has taken over since 2011. By this project, we aim to get more attention for the prevention of accidents and occupational illnesses and to encourage all interested parties unite for the cause of this area. The professional organizations mention the 28th of April as the memory day devoted to the Victims of accidents at work. The employees of the SDG company group meet the people rushing to work in the morning by giving away work gloves with the text ‘Stay safe at work’. Over the nine years of this social initiative almost 54 thousand of work gloves have been given away. The social initiative traditionally takes place on the road crossings of 12 cities of Lithuania. The purpose of the social initiative is to promote safe work culture, to create a solid base within the society for the notion that work is not whole if it is not safe, and if your own or others’ health and wellbeing is at risk. To fulfill this purpose, various measures are used: posters are released, free seminars are organized, personal safety measures are given away. The initiative of giving away work gloves on the road crossings since 2014 has become a tradition and is being expanded by conferences and trivia quizzes in the topics of work safety related to ‘staying safe at work’.